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Jah Rastafari!

Jah Rastafari!, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Just noticed that I have not posted any photos on this blog for very long time. Not good. So I am going to add few now.

This is shot on the ferry going to Inis Mór (one of the Aran Islands in Galway Bay), where we went with my photo-comrades last August.

Cloghoge River View

Cloghoge River View, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

In July we decided to go up Luggala (Fancy Mountain, the one above Lough Tay) with my friend Tom. The idea was to take a non-standard way right of Lough Tay as against to the way from the path leading to Lough Dan that normal people take ;)

Because the time was quite limited (it was a working day morning) we never reached the summit, but came across quite a nice view. Here it is.

Enough of Connemara

Driving from Dublin to Cork, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

This is taken on the way to Cork.

Normally you would apply some serious editing to make such a picture look so dramatic. In this case it did not need any editing. I love Irish sky.

Three Horses

Three Horses, Connemara, Ireland, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

One more shot from our photo-trip to Connemara

Sunrise, Clontarf Strand

Sunrise, Clontarf Strand, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

A bridge over fast water

A bridge over fast water, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

This is made on the way back from our photo-trip to Donegal this May. It is a bridge over river Erne in Belturbet, Co. Cavan.

I love that kind of processing.

Here are two more sets with portraits of my friends from the same trip: one and two.

Near Glendalough Monastery site

Near Glendalough Monastery site, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

This picture is made last year, but I remember one summer in 2000 we’ve been there with a guided tour and met two boys who were fishing for coins thrown in this cold little river near the bridge by tourists. The boys claimed they “earn” about 50 irish pounds (about 65 euro) a day by that.

Phoenix park in sunrise light

Phoenix park in sunrise light, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

I have a number of pictures of the same scenary around the sunrise hours made on different dates. The beatiful landscape is actually on my way to work, so it would be a crime to don’t stop and photograph it from time to time.

Sea, boats, colour

Sea, boats, colour, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

I suspect this is somewhere in County Mayo in 2004, but not sure. Nice color, isn’t it?

Vertigo. Cliffs of Moher

Vertigo. Cliffs of Moher, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

I was never able to come close to the edge of the “table” as many people used to do.  If  you take a close look at the picture will see them, those little tiny crazy beings.  Now I heard the {whoever “runs” the Cliffs} protected visitors by installing some kind of a fence. If this is so, I lost my chance to experience the Cliffs of Moher properly.

The picture is taken in 2004