7 reasons not to take a photograph

All of us – people with cameras – like to take photographs for various reasons. And I am noticing for quite a while that the reason why you hit your release button affects the quality of your pictures.

So here are seven wrong reasons. Don’t take a shot if the only reason for it is:

1. Everybody are taking pictures of the same subject;

2. You just like how it looks (good example: a nice landscape);

3. You think that this scene/object/person might look good in theory;

4. You feel like you might never again (or soon) have an opportunity to take a picture of the same subject/event;

5. Somebody asks you to photograph a subject/person;

6. Just because you have a camera with you;

7. You went somewhere just for taking pictures and don’t want to come back empty handed.

You might extend the list, but what unites all these reasons is that they are not about vision of a picture you are about to take. Vision rules, people. All other reasons are unnecessary.

Of course I did not mean that you have to refrain from taking a picture if one of the reasons for it is listed above. I meant not to rely on these reasons, rely on your feelings in respect to the result.

As any other abstract principles, this principle of “wrong reasons” could only serve as a lighthouse in the sea of your experience, not as something you will ever 100% achieve in practice.

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