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Bull Island, double exposure

KaraNagai_121228_280255.jpg by KaraNagai
KaraNagai_121228_280255.jpg, a photo by KaraNagai on Flickr.

Montana Roja, Lanzarote

Panorama_200912_MntRoja.jpg by KaraNagai
Panorama_200912_MntRoja.jpg, a photo by KaraNagai on Flickr.

This very tilted panorama is actually taken couple of years ago in four frames and quickly stitched together.

A bit of nothing

Artist, Mallorca, Spain

Church inerior, Mallorca, Spain

This is totally unprepared photo, but I was very lucky with it I think. I especially like who the colours of the mother and chid interact with the colours of the picture on the wall.

Lizard, Aquarium, Mallorca, Spain