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Konstantin by KaraNagai
Konstantin, a photo by KaraNagai on Flickr.

Here is the obvious failure: one eye is not in focus. But I like the resulting strangness of Kostia’s look.


Rita by KaraNagai
Rita, a photo by KaraNagai on Flickr.

I’ve made couple of portraits of my friends on the same film.

Temple Bar on film. Again

Film_3200dpi504.jpg by KaraNagai
Film_3200dpi504.jpg, a photo by KaraNagai on Flickr.

These photos are taken in June. It was a rainy day, but some pictures came out well.

Alcudia Market

We’ve been to Mallorca this August, and I did a little bit of street photography. The films are still not scanned, but some of the digital stuff is ready.

Temple Bar on film

Film_3200dpi456.jpg by KaraNagai
Film_3200dpi456.jpg, a photo by KaraNagai on Flickr.

Recently scanned a film of mostly street photos taken in Temple Bar in Summer 2011.

Here are all pictures from that film