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Ropes and Nets, Howth, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Been to Howth on Saturday.

Here are six photos on flickr.

And here is everything “developed”.

Val Thorens

Val Thorens: Snowboarder, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Recently we’ve been skiing in Val Thorens, French Alps. It was my first time skiing in the mountains. I enjoyed it a lot despite the damn dry air that made me cough and sneeze all the time.

Here are few more pictures from that trip.

Paddy Day Parade

Paddy Day: Hijab, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Here are few other shots of both crowd and the Parade itself.

Lantern Centre

Bob, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Bob is one of these good people, who work in Lantern Centre, where our Photographic Society is having its’ weekly meetings.

Here are few other various shots that I made in Lantern Centre in February.

Lanzarote of César Manrique

Mirador del Rio Interior, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Here are few more pictures from Lanzarote. This series is dedicated to César Manrique.

What to Wear in Winter

Been to Saint-Petersburg in January. It was bloody cold there and KLM delayed my luggage with all warm clothes for two days ;)

Here are few more street shots from that trip.