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Almost Empty Street. Amsterdam, July 2009

Here are the selected 20+ images from Amsterdam.

Flashmob: Tribute to Michael Jackson

IMG_8870, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Wondering around Amsterdam last Sunday we came across this crowd twice.

The best few photos of them are here.

And the rest is here.

Jah et al

Jah, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Few pictures of our crazy trip to Amsterdam last weekend are here.

The majority of street photos I made there are still waiting to be processed though.

Beach Walleyball

Walleyball Player, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

I took these pictures some time ago on the Velvet Beach in Portmanock, where I came to test 70-200 f/4 that I borrowed from a friend. Nice lense.

Here are five shots that I have selected for Flickr.

And everything else is here.