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Some call it maple

Some call it maple, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

… you know the song ;)

In fact, of course this is a shadow of maple leaves, yes.

About five years ago I had planted a little Japanese maple with red leaves in the corner of my back garden not expecting any surprises. Few months later a little branch from the very bottom of the 50cm high tree started to grow fast above the rest of the tree. This branch carried green leaves! I guess Irish soil affected the plant in that way ;)

Anyway, now the “Japanese” part of the maple is still under a meter high, spreading its branches horisontally. The “Irish” part grew at least 2.5 meters high and overlooks the estate above the garden walls.

Ksu smiling by the river, Glendalough

Ksu aka Oksana is a photographer herself, so she spends most of the time on the side of the viewfinder, rather than in front of the lense. This time we decided to change it.

It was my first big photo session without other photographers involved and I equally enjoyed both the work and the result. It took place in Glendalough valley.

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Ready to fight

Ready to fight, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

That photo-party again. Alex was a pirate. Quite an authentic one in fact ;)

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The weapon of the proletariat

The weapon of the proletariat, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

This is also from that photo-party. Vova was playing a plumber.

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The meaning of modesty

The meaning of modesty, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

This is made during a photo-party, when the “models” (actually all guests) were randomly assigned to photographers and the roles were randomly assigned to models. I did three models. This one was initially a magician, but transformed during the session.

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