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Near Glendalough Monastery site

Near Glendalough Monastery site, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

This picture is made last year, but I remember one summer in 2000 we’ve been there with a guided tour and met two boys who were fishing for coins thrown in this cold little river near the bridge by tourists. The boys claimed they “earn” about 50 irish pounds (about 65 euro) a day by that.

A cross on the graveyard, Glendalough Monastery site

A piece of this 1878 cross is missing for some reason.

Boatwreck, Yellow submarine, Tenerife

One more shot from Tenerife last year. There are couple of boatwrrecks on the sea bottom on the way of the Yellow Submarine.

Birds Show in Jungle Park, Tenerife: King Vulture

We’ve been to Tenerife in summer 2008.

Phoenix park in sunrise light

Phoenix park in sunrise light, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

I have a number of pictures of the same scenary around the sunrise hours made on different dates. The beatiful landscape is actually on my way to work, so it would be a crime to don’t stop and photograph it from time to time.

Night in Trinity

I have to admit I was a bit drunk when I made this picture and did not expect it to come out well. And IMHO it did. Looks a bit like graphics, isn’t it?

YellowMan in O’Neills

YellowMan in O’Neills, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Ok, ok, that will be the last pub portrait for now ;)

OlexM in O’Neills

OlexM in O’Neills, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Another one of my “pub portraits”.

Erema in O’Neills

Erema in O’Neills, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

Sometimes I like to make portraits in pubs. People are slightly more open and lively when they are drinking. I would even call it a separate genre – pub portraits.


Ксю, originally uploaded by KaraNagai.

I think this photo reflects the personality of the model quite well. Although Ksu herself does not particularly like it as I know, especially the processing.